About Us

About Us

BBG Abu Dhabi 2020 Committee

BBG: A platform for British Business in Abu Dhabi

A voice – to promote and develop bilateral trade

A forum – to connect, exchange, and share knowledge and information

A source – of support, with tangible benefits

What We Do


Engage, with:

  • UAE & UK Bilateral
  • Sector & Cross-Sector
  • ‘Customers & Suppliers’


Enable, through:

  • Access
  • Influence & ‘lobbying’
  • Networking; sponsorship
  • Collaboration


Enrich, by:

  • Developing understanding & awareness
  • Providing social interaction and mutual support
  • Creating opportunities
  • Enjoying (unique) benefits

Audiences – UAE & UK:

  • Government & institutions
  • Trade bodies, ‘chambers’ and other business groups
  • Companies and business entities
  • Members; current & prospective

Online Book of Condolence

Following the sad passing of His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh Prince Philip, an Online Book of Condolence is now available on the Royal website…

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